Imagine a completely different life. Imagine a life where you no longer have a fancy house or nice things. Imagine if you had to go to work everyday with the possibility of getting hurt or not being able to talk to your management because there was no laws protecting you. Imagine that you get paid 1/4 of what your product is actually worth and that your kids may have to work, younger than 16, to help pay for things or make the cost of a product go down.

Well, the fair trade group is trying to change this. With fair trade products they pay a better price for the products, which doesn’t necessarily mean that our price goes up. It just means that, that person is getting a fair price for their product. Fair trade is making sure that children are getting the education that they need, and they are able to graduate high school. It is also investing in the quality for water so they can get clean fresh water. They make sure that they have better working conditions. We have OSHA to regulate workplace safety and laws in place to say how old you can be to work and what not. In other countries they are not so fortunate to have these laws to protect them or their children.  When they get better prices for their product the producers/farmers can pay better attention to it, bringing better quality to us. Take tea for instance, you can get all of the tea benefits by having a well taken care of tea, then tea leaves that aren’t tended to. So by buying fair trade the working conditions start to improve for other countries. All this in turn, lets people have a better life and safer working conditions in other countries where we get products.