What are herbs?

That is now a frequently asked question among many people. We see them in the super market as basil, thyme and oregano, but what are they really? You could look it up in the dictionary, but it gives you a rather bland explanation;

herb: [urb or, especially Brit., hurb]   noun

1. a flowering plant whose stem above ground does not become woody.
2. such a plant when valued for its medicinal properties, flavor, scent, or the like
It’s an informative description, but not really what people are looking for.

HerbsHerbs in various containers are amazing plants and, what I consider, living things!

They have such great properties to them and they are not well known or utilized in today’s society. Sure, we use some main ones quite often in flavoring food, but did you know that they are great for home remedies or even scented perfumes? Herbs have been a major part of life long before we came out with man-made pills and creams. Do you really think that man knows better than nature, who repeatedly heals itself? Did you know that simple chamomile can be used as a salve on eczema or itchy patches to stop the swelling and itching? No more expensive creams for me! Herbs are amazing plants and have many many uses. Even today in the United States, there are doctors who still prefer natural medicine and home remedies. In Germany, doctors tend to see pharmaceuticals as a last resort and prescribe herbal remedies!

Herbs are used in ceremonies.

Herbs can be used for religious purposes and ceremonies as well, and have been for centuries. For example, look at the catholic church, during their services they burn Frankincense & Myrrh as a symbol of the prayer of the faithful rising to heaven. This is referenced in Psalm 141 : 2 “Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice!”. It is also thought that frankincense can reduce tension and stress, and also lift the spirit. In ancient Egypt, Myrrh would be burned as an offering to the sun god Ra. It was also thought to awaken your higher self and unite heaven and Earth. Herbs can also just be used for their smell, and even some people use sage for protection when burning! There are so many thoughts behind herbs and incense that there seems to be a meaning behind every one of them!

Herbs for Decorating

When you think about decorating your house most people think about decorating with intimate objects, but did you know that you can use herbs too?  You can use them in pots like the picture above and set them on your counter. Then you can even break off a fresh leaf and put it in your dish while cooking! You can also hang them in a closet and let them dry. Once they are dry you can then put them in a vase and use them as decoration that way, or grind them up and store  them in a mason jar for cooking or teas.

Herb Plants Rediscovered

Herbs are unbelievable and sometimes mysterious plants, and to really describe them thoroughly is slightly difficult as they are such diverse plants. At one point in time we have all gotten away from using herbs in our day to day life, or don’t even really know that it is an option. That’s okay! It’s an ancient “secret” that’s not much of a secret anymore, maybe our ancestors had it right and we never even thought about it.

Journey with me on learning to use herbs to their fullest potential and if you have questions, don’t be discouraged to leave a comment! Through out this site you will learn more than you ever thought you could and I hope that you pass it along!


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