Recently, I found myself starting to get more and more into tea. As I begin to drink tea more, I’m realizing how much my flavor palette enjoys, or dislikes. I have found that my biggest enjoyment that I could possibly imagine while drinking tea, is the fruit teas! I never knew that fruit teas could taste so good, not only iced, but hot as well! They also provide you with so many wonderful antioxidants and nutrients that your body needs which you may not get on a normal basis. With the ability to really pack a punch, it is truly a great idea to look at fruit teas.

Fruit tea, frozen berries and white peaches

Fruit tea, frozen berries and white peaches—penelope waits (

Did you know that fruit teas are made the exact same way as regular teas are? The only difference is that a fruit (or fruit flavor) is added to the black, green, white, or other tea leaves. My favorite place to find these teas is at Teavana, although there are several other places that provide them. I love being able to see the whole tin full of just bits and pieces of absolutely healthy and delicious fruit. Then, when you mix the flavor combinations, they allow you to smell them, and even try them, before you buy them.

The one thing you have to be careful of with fruit teas is making sure that when you are picking the right teas for your health status or even just enjoyment, you make sure you know what fruits are positive for your body, or negative. There are some fruits which will affect Parkinson’s, diabetes, and some cancers, so make sure you know what is right for your body. You also have to be careful because sometimes with fruit teas, you can still find nuts which many people have a strong allergy to.

When enjoying a delicious fruit tea, you will notice that no matter how you brew it, you really do not need to place a large amount of sugar in your beverage. For me, I prefer to brew my delicious fresh tea with a tablespoon of honey right in the brew, but only if I need sweetness. Majority of the time, the fruit tea releases the natural sugar that is inside the fruits and brings it to a full flavor in your fruit tea. The other thing you will realize is if you add any sort of milk, it will curdle the tea and your tea will be rendered useless.

The best part about brewing fruit teas, is that I have found they allow for a double brew. I generally use a coffee press I found at Ikea for my tea. Using this, I put two tablespoons of my favorite tea in it, then add hot water, and let the fruit teas sit for approximately 2-3 minutes, but definitely no more. After finishing that pot of tea, I generally let my tea sit overnight, and then use the tea leaves again the next day for another pot.

The amount of vitamin c, and other antioxidants, will help you to continually feel refreshed and keep your system healthy. Some of the most popular fruit teas such as a cherry, strawberry, pear, or blackberry, pack enough in them that it’s almost like enjoying the whole fruit in one simple sip!

Remember, these are just suggestions about how to enjoy tea. Should you need any diet or health related questions answered, it is most certainly encouraged to speak to your doctor.