That’s right, just as the headline suggest, we are talking about the incredible healing properties and health benefits of charcoal. We’re not talking about the charcoal you throw on the grill and make grilled veggies with we’re talking about the natural charcoal known as “Activated Charcoal”. Here we will discuss some of the ways that you can use activated charcoal to utilize its healing properties and use it for added health benefits.

Poison Remedy

Did you know that for centuries, the human race has been using Activated Charcoal to combat poison? Believe it or not, Activated Charcoal is an ancient binding property meaning that it binds to whatever is a toxin in your system, and eliminates it. Many hospitals use this to help rid your body of poison if you end up ingesting something that is poisonous. After ingesting a poison, the Activated Charcoal you are given to ingest after is a miracle worker, spinning its magic through your body instantly and binding and removing the deadly toxins and poisons. Keep in mind, we are not telling you to stay home and drink some Activated Charcoal, but head to the Emergency Room if you do ingest a poison.

Skin Remedy

What better way to remain youthful than using something natural that isn’t going to put more toxins into your body and cause even more premature aging. I have always loved the different brands of Activated Charcoal that are out there, and have even fallen in love with a few certain ones. My love of Activated Charcoal actually started with my skin care regimen. Having crow feet coming in at the age of 25, terrible black heads that stood out even under make up, and aging quickly, I found a few staple face cleansers that helped me greatly. Using either an Activated Charcoal mask, or a soap with Activated Charcoal in it, has greatly reduced my wrinkles, rid me of my black heads, and helped reduce and reverse a lot of the aging that stress and free radicals had taken on my skin. I swear by using this at least every other day, and will never give that regimen up. The difference that the Activated Charcoal makes my pulling the toxins from your skin and helping rebalance your pH is phenomenal.

Teeth Whitening

As an avid coffee drinker and someone who was obsessed with foods and beverages that stained my teeth, I became increasingly frustrated at how awful my teeth would look in group photos. At one point, I even stopped smiling because of how stained my teeth had become. Taking a mixture of ground Activated Charcoal powder and regular toothpaste, I brushed my teeth and noticed a huge change in a few weeks. Keep in mind though, that just like any harsh substance put into your mouth, you need to keep an eye on the sensitivity level as you may wear away some of your enamel. If you notice your teeth becoming weaker and more sensitive, I recommend that you speak to a natural dentist, limit the use, or even stop use all together.

As you can see, there are many great remedies for using charcoal. Just remember that you need to always consult a physician before changing any of your living habits to make sure that it is done in a healthy manner. Activated Charcoal is one of the natural ingredients that I stand behind and firmly believe in, but make sure you do your research before trying this element.