I never thought I would find myself looking at the multiple different ways that I could possibly heal different sort of ailments, keep bugs away, and treat different things naturally. When I started to really research all the different options of how to stop dandruff, heal wounds, take care of zits, and so many more things, I was floored at how simple it was to stay natural and successfully treat things! It could be something from a simple homemade recipe with different plant essences, essential oils, and more. Below, you will find out how to use my absolute favorite natural ingredients to bring about better health.

Bee on Lavender

Bee on Lavender—aussiegall (Flickr.com)


For thousands of years there have been treatments used through not only natural ingredients in aromatherapy but also physical application or washing on the body, or leaving the oil of lavender on the body to heal. At times, there are even uses for lavender through ingesting this beautiful flower. Not only is lavender something that smells beautiful and soothes the soul but it has been shown to help with depression, as antiseptic, calmative, detoxifier, and even as a sedative! The best uses I have found that work best for my needs are the ones I want to share with you: dandruff treatment, insect bites, and even sunburn!

The easiest ones are going to be the natural ingredients used for sunburn and insect bites. Who knew that lavender oil would be my new favorite thing for treating these common things that occur in the sunshine state? With the increase of time spent out in the sun over the summer, I not only had a major increase of sunburn that was rather painful, but I also had an increase of bug bites. To heal the bug bites, I would take a q-tip and soak it in some lavender oil and rub it on the bites. It really helped in keeping the swelling down and helped them to heal quickly! To add to the healing process, I mixed a combination of ½ coconut oil and ½ lavender oil and holy wow! Bites that originally took a week or two to heal suddenly would be gone in a matter of days!

The next one I did was for the sunburn and that was mixing aloe vera (about ½ cup for my entire body) and lavender oil (1/4 cup for my entire body). Keep in mind that lavender can be toxic for your body, so if your nose tells you it’s too much, stay back from using it. The nose knows what’s up and is one of the greatest indicators you need to stop. After combining the ingredients, I slowly rub this mixture across the sunburn, sit back and enjoy the day!

The last recipe I have using natural ingredients is absolutely amazing for your hair and stopping dandruff. I usually take a spritzer bottle that’s 12 oz and take 6 oz of water, 4 oz of almond oil, 1 oz of tea tree oil and 1 oz of lavender oil. I keep the spritzer bottle in the shower with me and after I wash my hair with water, I spray this in my hair (generally about 3 sprays from front to back, then one spray on each side), rub it in, and let it sit for a good 10 minutes in the shower. This works for me because I end up washing the rest of my body and taking a relaxing few moments to breathe in the beautiful aromatherapy from this rinse. After 10 minutes go ahead and rinse out then towel dry your hair (do not blow dry). I ended up seeing results in about a month of doing this every day. If you don’t see the same results you should probably look at some other options to help.