The biggest question on everyone’s mind is “Can tea really help with weight loss?”

Some researchers that have paid attention to this matter have agreed that it does help, mainly because tea includes various compounds that have the power to fight the fat that our body normally absorbs. If you don’t have the time, or the energy for exercise, a few good cups of tea can help you achieve the result you desire. People from all over have found this to be a precise solution, from celebs to people just like you and me. Known among specialists as thearubigins and theaflavins , these are the compounds that stop the weight gain.

However one has to keep in mind the fact that tea can only help with the desired loss if there are no sugars and milk involved. Though milk contains a lot of proteins, especially cow milk, using them in a diet will intervene and change the process radically for they will surely neutralize the purpose of the tea, meant to battle with fat. If you enjoy a good cup of tea with milk, you’ll have to give up the habit, unfortunately, at least until you get back on track. You can always try milk substitutes however such as Almond Milk or Rice Milk. Substituting for sugar, try adding in a teaspoon of local organic honey. Assuming that you’re in search of specific teas that are going to help you with losing weight, here are our recommendations.

Pu-Erh Tea for Breakfast to Lose Weight

Pu-Erh tea comes from a province in China called Yunnan. This is a black tea variety that has quite a special method of being prepared. Considered very healthy for the body, this tea has amazing properties and it helps with reducing fat and losing weight. It’s considered that for the desired effects, it would be best to consume tea that is fresh and whole leaf. It is recommended to use Pu-Erh tea for Breakfast to lose weight in a faster and healthier way. Specialists recommend that you drink this tea exactly one hour after breakfast for desired results. It goes to work immediately and helps remove the fat that is considered unnecessary, excess and difficult to digest.

Generally when you’re trying to lose weight you also have to watch your diet, meaning that you have to eat healthier and less than you’re used to. Fruits, salads, and a lot of vegetables are ideal for what you should be consuming. This tea has the gift of speeding up the process of digestion, so when you start to enjoy it, it will take you a little while to get used to the sensations. At times while drinking this tea it makes you believe that you feel hungry when you aren’t. Just remember to always follow your diet plan accordingly.

White Tea for Lunch – Lose the Fat

While trying to lose weight it is recommended that you also sip a cup of white tea for lunch, as this is the tea that will help your body lose the fat and it will also help you with following the diet you’re on. This tea has the property of burning calories all the while upholding the intellectual strength. Studies have made it clear that this tea has the ability to stop fat cells from progressing. Just like many other teas, this one contains caffeine, which, as we all know by now, helps with speeding up our metabolism thus causing the body to consume the energy faster.

Probably the most important things you need to know is that this tea does not carry any calories and out of all the teas that are used for weight loss, this one holds the least amount of caffeine, so you don’t have to worry about any negative effects like anxiety, trembling, headaches or lack of sleep. The best thing when drinking this tea, is that it will stop your cravings, so forget about giving into temptation in favor of all those snacks that are more than unhealthy. As a bonus this tea tastes really good, and it has a flowery and fresh smell.

Chickweed Tea – Lose the Mid-Afternoon Bloat

Chickweed tea, known in some circles as star weed can be found growing in different areas all over the world. It is recommended that when holding a diet you drink a cup of chickweed during the afternoon to help you lose the afternoon bloat. This tea is mostly known for its health benefits and it mostly contains stems, leaves and blossoms. It acts as a mild laxative, expectorant, diuretic and tonic, which means that due to these properties, the digestion will be stimulated and the body will start losing water and fats.

Moreover, it is said that it has the ability to control your appetite, due to the fact that it contains potassium. When pursuing weight loss for the long term you should incorporate in your program a diet that is balanced. Beside the benefits you’re looking for, you should also know that this tea holds other positives, for it has the ability to mellow the skin and help with certain irritations.

Bilberry Tea with Dinner to stop cravings

Bilberry tea has a long history for its well-known benefits. Those who use it, all say that the weight loss comes easily when drinking this tea. It is because of the compounds this tea holds are a great aid in fighting digestive problems. What you first need to know is that this tea contains vitamin C, which will boost your immune system and so protect the body from disease. Due to the fact that this tea helps reduce the weight and stops you gaining fat, it is recommend enjoying Bilberry tea with dinner to stop cravings. Basically it acts by cleansing your digestive tract, removing all the impurities, fats and unnecessary extras that your body builds up, not allowing fat to add up. This tea has a delicious taste and it helps you stay slim and in shape, for it stops your cravings and settles your appetite. There’s no need for you to drink more than one cup a day.

Gaining weight is mostly due to sedentary routine and long working hours that leave no time for eating in a proper manner, following dietary guidelines or doing a regular exercise. If you are looking for a way to settle your weight, it is recommended that you make time for a few cups of tea.

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