There are a million different and amazing ideas to give the tea lover in your life, but where to begin choosing? We hope that this quick and simple list will allow you to find that perfect gift to light up the life of your favorite tea enthusiast. There is nothing more pleasurable than watching a tea enthusiast open up their gift Christmas morning to find the perfect gift in their hands.

Tea Subscriptions

Did you know that there is such a thing as a tea subscription? You will need to do some research, but there are many amazing programs that will allow you to sign your friend or family member up to receive gifts monthly, quarterly, or even weekly! Each subscription will vary, but it seems the most popular ones include the option to pick a minimum of two teas to be delivered. The best part is they always offer new and unique teas that the recipient can thoroughly enjoy and indulge in. The best part of this gift is you totally can ask them to let you sample it with them! Nothing like spreading tea love!

Bulk tea

Another great option is to buy them a few bulk loose leaf teas. If your gift recipient is truly a tea enthusiast they will love the idea that you got them some new teas to try and adventure with. If you are unsure as to what teas to get them, you can always ask the person working the counter and they are always tickled to help people find the perfect gift! If you still don’t know, another option is to get them a gift card to their favorite tea place so that they can go ahead and pick out some of their favorite teas to enjoy!

Brewing Systems

There are so many different ways to brew tea out there from stove top to microwave that if you want you can look into investing in a brew system for them. There are machines that are almost like coffee makers to keep the water warm so they will always have the perfect tea brewing temperature at the press of a button. There are brew systems that are set up to brew tea just like coffee on an automatic timer and can be set to go off when they wake up so they have a fresh cup of tea for work. There are also amazing brew-to-go cups that they can put their loose leaf tea in and enjoy the fresh brewed tea on the way into work as well, or if they are adventuring out for the day.

As you can see there are definitely some awesome choices when it comes to the brew systems and surprise gifts for tea lovers. These are just a few quick ideas that can help get you through. Don’t forget you can always get them tea sets, tea pots, tea balls, honey sticks, tea holders and so many more beautiful options for your tea lover to enjoy!