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Tea Benefits

Can tea really have benefits to it, or is it all just hype?

Tea is told to have many benefits, but what?

Surprisingly its not all hype! Tea has been used for Milena for its benefits. One of the best things is that when you drink tea your body gets the nutrients faster then, say, a pill.  Tea is a calorie free drink, unless you add milk or sweetener and tastes great too! It has naturally occurring fluoride and tannins that help fight plaque. Did you know that tea can also help keep your bones strong?

Tea is also very beneficial for your skin and you can even make lotion using tea. Not to mention that it can also be used in a homemade shampoo for oily hair! Everyday tea is getting more and more attention from the media from its medicinal properties and benefits, some people have even called it natures “wonder drug”.  This special leaf is high in antioxidants and even in recent research studies it has been shown to have cancer fighting properties! Teal also helps to neutralize enzymes that help tumors grow, how great is that!

Best type of Water for Tea

You will want to make sure that the quality of the products you are using are of good quality. Try going to the local grocery store and getting refillable water jugs and filling them up at the store. By doing this you are getting rid of the chemicals in tap and even excess fluoride that is in the water system. The water usually tastes way better than tap water this way.

Why Organic Tea?

All of the teas I purchase are organic, the reasoning behind this is simply for the chemicals and fertilizers used on non-organic teas. By getting organic tea you are getting it in its purest form so that way you can get all of the benefits of the tea without making your body work extra hard to get the chemicals and fertilizers out of the tea as well. This is also more environmentally friendly as these chemicals and fertilizers are then not going into the ground or water supply making the soil weaker and water less pure. If you are worried about price on organic teas, buy a tea ball and buy teas in bulk. I have found this to be the most cost efficient way to get organic tea, and it actually ends up costing less than conventional tea.

Tea an Immune Booster

Have you noticed that you get sick alot? This could be caused from a weakened immune system. Tea is a great way to boost your immune system so you wont get so sick so often. Its also a great way to get a fast recovery when you are sick, and when you add honey it helps coat a sore throat.

Tea for Losing Weight

Trying to lose those last 5 pounds or kick start a new weight loss program? Try integrating tea, it is a great way to boost your metabolism! By drinking tea you can burn an extra 60-80 calories per day. If you are watching your caloric intake this could really help you keep going or kick start your program!

Tea is Nourishing

Tea is a great way to get nutrients to your body that you may need. It tastes great and it is  a great way to get some of the fluids you need into your system. Start by drinking once every other day or every couple of days and then you can move into drinking a cup one or two times daily! It will help you stay refreshed and give you all of the benefits you can think of!

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