When you are looking to enjoy honey, there are great reasons why you should support local bee keepers by purchasing their honey. Not only is it something that is great for the local economy, it’s something that is also equally as good for the local environment and for your health. Partaking in purchasing local honey is a great way to help boost a plethora of good!

Honey Comb


As many are aware the local bee populations in many areas are starting to decline, some more rapidly then others, but still declining. When you factor in how much a bee does for the local environment it really makes you want to support local beekeepers even more. From helping to pollinate flowers, fruits, trees, and our gardens, bees are also a necessity in the food chain. A local beekeeper is able to put moHelare hives up to keep more bees when you support a local beekeeper. The honey is also more fresh, doesn’t have the toxins from commercialization and is in it’s purest form.


There are so many great health benefits to eating honey, but local, unfiltered, raw pure honey is some of the best that you can get for your health. It’s an incredible boost to your immune system and can help you fight off not only allergies but some of the worst colds as well. When purchasing from a local beekeeper you are supporting your immune system (mainly allergies) with the pollen in the area. Your body will slowly build up a tolerance and will help you in fighting off allergies. One thing I have greatly noticed is that having a tablespoon of honey every day with either my breakfast or lunch helps me to stay allergy free througouht the day. Now, it didn’t start right away, but my body built up a tolerance after a few weeks of staying religious to eating the local honey. The great thing too about local honey is that if you’re sick you know you are going to be getting a reliable safe honey to consume that won’t make you worse, but better.

Natural Options

The other great reason to buy local honey is that you can buy local beeswax candles from the beekeeper. This allows for your air to be clearer, purer, and definitely leave your home smelling better. The natural option to keep you healthy and to keep the environment staying strong with bees is to make sure we support our local beekeepers and purchase local honey from them so that they can cotninue doing good for all.