My tea


Have you noticed that you shed a lot? Or is your hair breaking quit a bit?  Just another reason why black tea is great for you! You can make a black tea rinse for you hair and it will stop your hair shedding and make your hair stronger! The reason we all have issues with these two things is because of shampoo. Yes, shampoo. Shampoo, even semi-organic shampoo, has tons and TONS of chemicals in it that is bad for you! No wonder why our hair is shedding and breaking! Recently I have stopped using shampoo, and my face has cleared up, my hair is shinier, healthier and fuller and its amazing! It does take a little bit for your hair to get used to it, but it works! Same thing if you start using a black tea rinse on your hair, it wont work just one time, it takes multiple applications to start working on your hair.

To stop using shampoo because its usually the scalp that gets “dirty” and not the hair itself you can use 1TBSP baking soda to 1C water. While in the shower you just pour it onto your scalp, rub your scalp, let it sit a couple of seconds and then rinse it out. Its that easy, simple and cheap!

So for the black tea mix, you don’t have to go organic on this, though personally I prefer organic. I tend to make a stronger brew with about 8 tea bags in a pot of water. I boil the water and let brew for about 5-10 minutes. Once it is done brewing I let it cool on the stove for a few hours, or if  need it sooner I put it into the fridge to cool.  When its cool you can take it into the shower with you, you can do it over a sink too but I’ve found that in the shower is the best. Once you are done washing your hair, or using the baking soda mix you pour it onto you hair, let it sit for 3-5 minutes on  your hair and then rinse it out and you are done! I hope this helps some of you out there!