If you’re like me and you have about a million things going through your head both day and night, you know the suffering that is experienced from not being able to sleep that well. For me, it’s hard just to get my thoughts to stop racing and feeling like I’m suffering from anxiety 24/7. With the thoughts of what I got done that day, what still needs to get done, and what I have yet to do for the rest of the week it often bogs me down to where I’m unable to sleep at all. With that being said, I have had many things that I have found over the years that in different combinations will help me fall asleep. These are just some of the ways that I have found to help alleviate that stress from not sleeping and put myself into a peaceful and restful state kind of like a sleeping baby.

Sleeping, Sleep Like A Baby

Sleeping, Sleep Like A Baby—peasap (Flickr.com)

Valerian Root

We spoke about valerian root in a previous post, but it’s such an important herb to discuss. Not only does it help with anxiety, but it can help to calm panic attacks, some tremors associated with different diseases, and can even be found to help ADHD and depression. For me, I enjoy using valerian root in a tea form to fall asleep with. It’s almost one of the most relaxing ways for me to fall asleep at night and I love how I don’t feel like I have a “sleep hangover” the next day.


One of the great things I didn’t realize I was missing from my body’s natural production was the hormone Melatonin. Now, it doesn’t mean I don’t produce it at all, it’s just produced a little bit differently in each person. The lack of melatonin hormone could be one of the reasons for many people suffering insomnia. I have found that taking a melatonin supplement about an hour before bed is an incredible asset to my sleep cycle. It allows for a more peaceful, deep, and focused sleep rather than one that is full of interruption. Keep in mind, taking melatonin at the right time is crucial. If you take it at the wrong time you could force your biological clock to reset in the most unwelcomed of ways.


Chamomile is such an incredible herb used for so many great things. The best thing I like to use chamomile for is when I’m sick or can’t get enough rest I make some tea with it. I like to enjoy it about 45 minutes before bed that way it’s something that’s nice and warm and helps my body to relax. Chamomile has so many great properties that allow it to be not only a calming tea but an excellent antiseptic, and an herb to help combat sever stress as well as inflammation.

These are just some of the ways that I have found useful to fall asleep at night and help take some of the stress off my shoulders. As always connect with a physician before beginning any new dietary regime.