Smudge stick – sage

Sage is an amazing plant.  Sage is known as Salvia, and like most plant names, this is Latin. The meaning of “Salvia” is “to heal”. This plant grows to be a small  bush and shoots of wonderful purple flowers! There is also a possibility that it comes back after the winter, but to ensure this, make sure to take summer clippings or part of the root for the winter.

Sage is used for many things, including as an anti-sweating agent. You can make a tea with the leaf and drink it cold or hot. If you drink it as a chilled drink it will stop sweating and if you drink it when its hot it will induce sweating, which is great for when you are sick!  Sage has antibiotic properties to it as well, it has been burned in history to “rid houses of evil spirits”. When you burn sage you are releasing the antibiotic properties which kill the germs or impurities in the air. Before refrigerators or even ice boxes sage was used to preserve meats because of its antibiotic properties. Its great to sip on not only for the anti-sweating agent, but because of its antibiotic properties its great for sore throats and curing colds!

It is also great for its anti-fungal properties, you can use the essential oil to help with athletes foot and to apply it to the bathtub to help out on it! It also works great as an astringent, so when you wash your face you can apply it and have your pores shrink as to not let in any further dirt or debris. Sage is also great for your hair, it cures dandruff and it can naturally darken your hair! You can pour a cool tea onto your hair, blend it in, let it sit for a few  minutes, and finally, rinse it out.

This amazing plant has also been found to be an effective way to manage mild to moderate Alzheimer disease!

The best way to get sage’s benefits is to use it as an essential oil, as it is strongest in that form, but any way is a great way!  Not only is sage a great all around tea for colds, anti-fungal, and so much more, but it also has high levels of antioxidants! So if you are looking for a great all around herb that have added tea benefits, you have definitely found it! It tastes great, has a smoothing smell, and is even great to use for seasoning food! I hope you give this wonderful plant a try!