Natural Remedies and Bees

It’s the start of allergy season again and I’m already feeling it. I’m sure you or someone you know is feeling it as well; did you know that thirty six million people in the US suffer from seasonal allergies?! Last week I had already suffered from an allergy attach that lasted for FOUR whole days! From what? My best guess is that this year it is chenopods; a family of one hundred fifty species of herbaceous plants and weeds! I just moved to a different state so I was unaware of these plants and didn’t have the massive quantity that we have in the location I am at now so I started to research what I could naturally do to help my body get used to the local allergies without taking Claritin every twelve hours.

One day while in a health foods store I told the cashier about my battle with allergies since I moved and she suggested that I try raw local honey! How the heck is honey supposed to help with my allergies?  Well it actually, it makes perfect sense!

When bees go out to get nectar to make honey they get the pollen on their bodies and legs (this is how they end up pollinating other plants as well) while they are crawling around the inside of the plant to get the nectar that they are looking for. After they have the nectar and go back to their hive they actually regurgitate the nectar into their mouths making simple sugars and they spit the simple sugars out into individual honeycombs! This is where the pollen comes into play; they flap their wings to evaporate the water and the pollen falls into the honey. Once all of the water is evaporated they then cover it with wax until it is time to eat it or the bee keeper comes to get it. Here’s where raw local honey helps seasonal allergies, but it has to be raw and local as the pasteurized honey will not have the same effect due to the pasteurization and production process. When you buy honey for the season coming up you are helping your body get used to the pollen that it would usually reject! This is like the concept of taking your child next to someone who has chicken pox so your child can get them and their immune system can then defend against it in the future.

Give it a try for the next season coming up, and make a habit of eating honey every day! By all means if you need to use your allergy medication in addition to the honey please do so as it may take more than one season to build up your defense!