Catnip plant, Self Indulgence

Catnip plant, Self Indulgence

After a long winter, the worst thing about summer is the mosquitoes! Had enough of those pesky mosquitoes this year? Not so bad in the north with the heat wave, but they are pretty bad in the south with all the rain!

Are you looking for something more natural this year? What about and herb? Your answer, the plant that all cats love, Catnip! Research shows that catnip has been found to be TEN TIMES more effective than DEET! Wait a minute, not only is it healthier for you, but it also works better? Win win for me! You can make a catnip essential oil to put on your skin. To do this, first you need to dry the catnip upside down in the house somewhere (or if you can find already dried organic catnip, you can use that).  Then, in a mason jar, add olive oil and the catnip! (The ratio is 1/4 oz catnip to 1 cup olive oil.) Seal the jar and leave it sit in a sunny window for about a week. Once the week is up, strain the oil mixture into a clean mason jar and throw out/compost the dried catnip. You’ve just created your very own natural remedy to mosquitoes! This lasts about 6 months before it goes bad.

If you plant it in your garden it can be slightly invasive and cats will most likely rub all over it, so you might want to plant it in a hanging pot. It’s an easy going plant with great multiple uses, and a great addition to the garden.



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