Ever get one of those absolutely crippling and nasty headaches that knocks you out before you can realize what hit you? You know, the one that hits you behind the eyes, or the base of your skull, possibly making you both nauseous and weak. Those are the migraines and headaches hat I absolutely can’t stand and the only thing I can do is usually fall down and cry. That was what I used to do, until I found the amazing benefits of different teas that help to alleviate the added stress and pain that cripples me. These are just a few of the great teas that help benefit you to relieve headaches and they are all easy to find.

Ginger Tea

If you are someone who can stomach the taste of pure ginger, then you will find solace and relief in a great cup of Ginger Tea. I always recommend steeping fresh ground ginger in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes. I take a knuckle and grind it down to put it in the boiling water. Sometimes, I either add lemon to help calm my nerves, or even throw in some Jasmine loose leaf to make a Jasmine Ginger tea. The added health benefits of both Green Tea and Ginger are amazing. The antioxidants of the green tea helps to pull the toxins out of your blood stream, and the ginger helps to calm nausea as well as help to bring down the inflammation in the blood vessels.

Green Tea

The healing properties of green tea are incredible! The antioxidant properties are one of the highest and they alleviate many toxins through the body. There are a few different options when it comes to green tea. You can go the typical way and ingest through a glass of normal tea or you can also boil tea, soak a wash cloth in it, and then place it on your neck to help pull some of the toxins out while relaxing the muscles. The neck is one of the places where the blood vessels get constricted and where most migraines stem from due to either stress, pulled muscles, heavy workload and such. Another great way to enjoy your green tea is by adding some lavender for soothing therapy (see the lavender benefits article), lemon, rose petals (known for lowering blood pressure) or even cinnamon.

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Loose Leaf Tea Sparrows Stray Dog Coffee 1-6-08 22…—stevendepolo (Flickr.com)

Cinnamon Tea

Are you somebody who really enjoys the taste and smell of Cinnamon? Might we recommend making a fantastic pot of cinnamon tea to enjoy. Cinnamon is an excellent source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium. The cinnamon tea is a great way to help lower any blood pressure you have from stress, and calms the nerves. Cinnamon has a way of bringing calm to the body and balance your nerves, calm nausea, and even take away headaches. My favorite way to enjoy cinnamon is to make Earl Grey tea, steep cinnamon sticks in the earl grey, and add a vanilla bean as well.

Take a few moments and consider either taking a few moments out of your day for yourself, beginning some stress relieving activities such as yoga, the beach, writing, painting or whatever you find calms your soul.