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Loose tea

I’ve had a lot of people ask me whether they should get loose tea or tea bags. More and more people tell me that they don’t use loose tea because of the convenience and so instead they use tea bags.

Tea bags you buy at the store are usually not that great for you. They are made from the dust and smallest parts of the tea leaves that are left over so you do not get as good of a taste. The tea bags are usually not that great for you as well as most of the time they used bleached tea bags to store the tea in, just like white coffee filters. Though some can be “bleached” naturally with hydrogen peroxide which you want to go for those or brown bags. But you can also bag your own loose tea.

Loose tea to me tastes the best. You get a higher quality of tea as you get more of the full leaf rather than the dust and “left overs”. I always buy organic loose tea, whether its from a local shop, or my favorite shop here. I find that when it is steeped it may take a little bit longer but it has a much flavor. I also feel that with the full loose tea you get all of the nutrients from the tea, where with conventional bagged tea you may not get all of the benefits the tea has to offer.

As for the convenience factor, you can make loose tea convenient. You can go here, and buy some natural self-sealing tea bags. Once a week you can fill up 7-14 tea bags, or however many you think you may need for the week. To fill up tea bags, we take a cheap rubber ice cube tray and place the empty tea bags open in the slots so it holds them open for us. We then take our favorite tea or infusion and but them in the bags. We then seal the tea bags with a hair straightener that is just used for this purpose for about 5-10 seconds. Thats it, easy as pie and you have the benefits of loose tea AND the convenience of bagged tea all in one!