So I’m in the United States, I know there are people all over the world that read this blog, which is AWESOME. Here in the states we always hear in TV shows and movies, people in other countries and especially England, talking about having a cup of tea. A lot of people think its “funny” or “cute” and what not, but honestly, having a cup of tea everyday is great for you!

Throughout time black tea has been used to medicinal purposes like staying awake!  That’s why black tea is a great way to wake up in the morning, for me it has that stronger flavor that I am looking for in the AM.  Black tea is a tea that is more oxidized than other teas which is where it gets its stronger flavor.  Black tea can keep its flavor for several years, which means that it is great for trade as well as buying in bulk! Did you know that black tea accounts for ninety percent of the tea sold in the west?! That’s amazing!

Old tea bag

Used tea bag.

With black tea, getting the whole leaf is the highest quality of tea. After that it goes to broken leaves, these are your most common loose teas, fannings and then dusts. Fannings and dusts are the the two types that are most widely used in tea bags as they are quicker to steep! These usually have a stronger flavor as well, so you may be able to get 2 cups of tea from a tea bag rather than one, depending on your desired taste.

In history black tea has also been used for dying clothes. Have you ever tea stained clothing before? I remember doing a history project in high school and I stained some fabric with tea to give it a “weathered” look. It worked really well and can still work today for dying fabric!

Black tea is  great for many uses, but my favorite is that it wakes me up in the morning! 😉