There are so many great and wonderful reasons to stop during the middle of your busy holiday shopping and get some tasty tea. We all have so much going on that the dread of holiday prepping tends to stress us out or make us slightly bummed. For some of us, even the weather tends to affect how we act and interact with others. Tea is proven on so many different levels to help boost our moods, increase our happy hormones, and to just take the edge and soften it up a bit. Here are some great teas to enjoy to help de-stress from the holiday madness.

There are some teas that are proven to lift mood that include herbs. These teas include any tea with mint (think peppermint or spearmint), St. Johns Wort, Honey, Lemon Balm and more. When you add mint into the mix, not only does mint help to calm the mental nerves, it actually calms the physical nerves as well. It has healing properties that will keep your system soothed and peaceful and keep you thinking positive thoughts. Ever notice that when you have a peppermint mocha or a peppermint candy or anything mint you have that sudden relaxing “ahhhhh” moment? That’s why. Mint is meant to calm, rebalance, and help you get through your day.

Bourbon Mint Tea

Bourbon Mint Tea— (

Citrus drinks are also positive calming tones during the holidays that help you escape to a tropical getaway. If you get something such as an orange, honey, lemon mix it will not only help to boost your energy levels, but it will also help to rebalance the nerves to be calm. It won’t be as noticeable as the mint, but it will certainly help get you there. A great way for me to enjoy the citrus is to actually mix some lemon balm, spearmint, green tea, St. Johns Wort, Vanilla and honey together. It’s a perfect combination of relaxing for me. And it tastes surprisingly delicious! As someone who needs the energy boost from the citrus and the calm from the mint, these teas offer a perfect calming blend.

The final thing I like to drink to help calm my mind and nerves is a Jasmine tea. Mix Jasmine with any of the above and you begin to have a sense of calm that was different than before. You’ll be focused, full of energy and strength, and determined to keep it together during the holiday insanity. If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, or you’re experiencing a sore throat thanks to the dry cold weather, might I recommend adding in a fantastic tablespoon of honey to help coat and soothe the throat so you can talk a little better and feel even more relaxed!