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Garden herbs

So a few weeks ago I was feeling a little sluggish and forgetting where my keys are and little things like that.  So I looked up some herbs that are good for memory and started using them. I had to share what they are!

The most popular is Ginkgo Biloba. My husband and I have been using this for years in our teas. When we blend our loose herbs together we just add a small amount each time we have tea as the antioxidants that Ginkgo has helps combat memory loss. This is an ancient plant and some people even believe that this plant inhabited the earth 150 million years ago! It also helps with many other things and you can read about this wonderful plant more here.

We use sage in a lot of dishes we cook – it is definitely one of our most favorite herbs. We also use it to smudge our home and ourselves for protection with sage bundles. Sage isn’t only good for these though and we are talking about memory in this article; so, you guessed it, sage is great for your memory as well!! Sage inhibits Ache for Alzheimer’s but it also, like most of these herbs, has flavonoids. Not sure what dish to try sage on? Try it on your next chicken dish or soup! You can read more about sage here.

I’m sure you already know that green tea is good for you. It is good for your memory as well, the antioxidants in green tea are high and you can have a cup a day! You don’t need to get loose leaf tea like my husband and I do (however it tastes great and you can get some here ) but you can just go to your local Walmart or even Sam’s and get some Bigalow green tea bags!

Flavonoids are an important part to promote brain health so if you like blueberries you are in luck! They have a high amount of flavonoids as well as antioxidants. You can eat blueberries in a morning smoothie, on yogurt if you can have it or you can make a chia yogurt and top it with blueberries, and even just as a snack!

A herb that isn’t really heard of often is gotu kola. One of the best ways to take this herb is through a tea, but you can also buy a capsule at your local grocery or health food store if you don’t like teas. Gotu Kola really is an amazing herb and to get into the details would be a whole other post in the future so instead of making you wait, you can check out more information here!

These 5 items aren’t the only things that will help improve your memory; however they are the most popular.  You can research more herbs for yourself especially if you like creating your own tea mixtures or herb mixtures for food dishes! Remember that this is just research we do on our own time and to consult with your doctor or herbalist before starting an herbal regimen.