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Migraine Relief With Teas

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Ever get one of those absolutely crippling and nasty headaches that knocks you out before you can realize what hit you? You know, the one that hits you behind the eyes, or the base of your skull, possibly making you both nauseous and weak?

Health Benefits of Parsley

Fresh Parsley

Many herbalist suggest that if you are going to enjoy the health benefits of raw parsley, you can help in flushing out the toxins that may be developing in your system, purify your kidneys, and even lower blood pressure. Some uses such as grinding the oils out of the leaves and using it on your scalp can help with stopping hair loss and increasing the growth back.

Beeswax Candles vs. Paraffin Candles

Beeswax candle, Still life with fruit and candle

There is nothing I love more than being able to come home from work and strike a match in order to light my beautiful candles. The soft and warming glow that they produce allow me to not only relax, but to find solace after a long day and rest up with a good book or a homemade delicious meal. What I don’t like however is the incredible toxic build up from most every day cheap candles. After doing much research it was found that beeswax candles offer so many lovely benefits over the typical paraffin and they also smell incredible, if you like the smell of beeswax. Here are just a few wonderful reasons why you should choose to purchase a beeswax candle over a typical paraffin candle.

The Healing Power of Lavender

Bee on Lavender

For thousands of years there have been treatments used through not only natural ingredients in aromatherapy but also physical application or washing on the body, or leaving the oil of lavender on the body to heal.

3 Calming Teas for Stressful Days

Calming tea,

Throughout our days we all have the moments where we feel we cannot handle any more and as though our stress level may be through the roof. Some may begin to experience extreme anxiety, or even a panic attack if the stress is too much. Many people who enjoy drinking highly caffeinated beverages could experience this feeling more often than others.

Healing Tea for External Uses

What I have learned by switching to drinking tea is that tea has some of the most incredible external healing properties. Here I will tell you some of the great ways to use tea externally to heal some every day oops happenings.

The Healing Properties of Charcoal

Did you know that for centuries, the human race has been using Activated Charcoal to combat poison? Believe it or not, Activated Charcoal is an ancient binding property meaning that it binds to whatever is a toxin in your system, and eliminates it

Natural Inflammation and Pain Relief

From the aches and pains, to the diseases it has a habit of bringing on, it is always important to make sure you take care of your body and help it to heal. How do you help a body that is inflamed heal from inflammation without taking prescription drugs or even just over the counter Advil and Aleeve on a constant basis?

Health Benefits Of Tea Drinking

When you enjoy tea, you’re not just enjoying a fantastic beverage; you are also enjoying added health benefits to your system. Some of the ways that tea can help your body include lowering the blood pressure in your system, increasing blood flow, and decreasing toxins in your body.