Advil seemed to be the only thing that could cut the inflammation and help my cramps. I’ve tried everything from midol to alieve and nothing worked! Frustrated, I started to read up on advil. I found out that using advil for long periods of time isn’t really good for you. Though its not bad to use it to help the inflammation during cramps. I have gone through a major lifestyle change and started to do things more naturally and found a recipe of tea to help with cramps!

Take a teaball and add the following herbs:

1/4 tsp lemon grass

1/4 tsp Rose hips

1/2 tsp Raspberry leaf

1/2 tsp chamomile

1/2 tsp Green tea

This recipe makes 2 cups of water and works like a miracle! Lemongrass soothes the stomach and chamomile helps you relax. Rose hips have vitamin C so they are great for your immune system, and they help with the flow and cramps as well.

Raspberry leaf is unique and useful and so many ways but this is about menstrual cramps. Raspberry leaf when used as a uterine tonic regulates the uterine muscles by relaxing or increasing the uterine tone as needed!  If its used on a regular basis it will help tone the female reproductive system and in the end will prevent future problems.

Green tea is just an all around great ingredient. In this case its used for additional flavor but works great as an antioxidant!

Give this a chance it will turn that time of the month from a dreaded miserable time to just another week!