Skunks are no longer at the top of my list for animals. I used to think they were oh-so-cute…

I woke up about 5AM yesterday  morning to a HORRIBLE smell inside my house! I live inside a mobile home temporarily and the smell was just seeping through everything! It smelt like skunk…

I immediately woke up my husband and asked him if he smelt it too or if it was just me having some sort of a nightmare. He agreed he had smelt it too, and when we opened the front door, there it was digging in my gladiolus garden! So here we are standing at the front door watching this thing dig up my flowers and there is nothing we can do to scare it away, we already had enough skunk smell inside the house with the windows up! Finally my husband saw it scurry away and now what do we do?!

Half of our house smelt like skunk!…

Well, we used to work for a professional cleaning company, so we had some odor neutralizers that were all natural and safe called freshwave. We sprayed this stuff EVERYWHERE and to me, it hardly put a dent in the smell. So we took our professional strength deodorizer (which is made of essential oils, so its not bad for you) and sprayed it on the vinyl siding outside hoping that it would stop the smell. It sort of did. I ended up sleeping with my head under the blanket the rest of the morning, only to wake up at 9-10AM with the smell BACK!

I left my house in a hurry to get to walmart to get some vinegar, baking soda and dish soap for a recipe I found online…. I also stopped at my parents place to get freshwave beads that absorb odor.

I got back to make the mixture in a pump up sprayer that we had, and I went to go spray it on the outside of the house (it was also thunder storming at the time).  The solution worked, but only temporary and I couldn’t figure out why, everyone online swears by this solution;

  • 1qt vinegar
  • 1/4 cup baking soda (that was tricky)
  • some dish soap
  • water.

I then grab my husband and have him smell the back of the house, we noticed the hole hadn’t been fixed that we asked to have fixed three months ago, so we pulled a panel of skirting off and oh my gosh…. the smell was SO STRONG and SO horrible!! Once we found out that it was under our house and isolated to the one end I started moving things around and got everything out of the master area.

We are still unsure of where exactly the skunk sprayed underneath the house. We had a pest control guy come and set traps to try and catch it, but wont fog under the house, ugh. Needless to say in the main area to get the smell out, we have a febreeze plug in and a candle warmer going, but what really helped is spraying freshwave, and then amazingly, burning incense, nag-champa and Sage! By burning these we have eliminated the smell in the main area of the house. Unfortunately, because we can not find exactly where he sprayed under the house, we can’t treat it and have to let that area just “fade away” over time.

Freshwave works FANTASTIC, but the key here is to try and find exactly where it sprayed at and spray the vinegar and dish soap solution on it, then start treating the inside of your house with freshwave and burning sage herbs and nag-champa incense. Hope this helps someone out who has a skunk problem, or is just a great read 🙂