There are a few different methods that circle around when looking for how to make a tincture.

Today, I posted a video from my favorite place, Mountain Rose on how to make a tincture. Keep in mind that a tincture is different than an essential oil.  A tincture is made with 40-50% alcohol and an essential oil, is made with …well, oil. Tinctures are a great herbal remedy to have on hand.

The method that they use in this video is the basic “folk” method

You will want to have the following supplies handy:

  •  A pint size mason Jar and lid
  • 1 bottle of 80-100 proof vodka (or alcohol)
  • Herbs of your choice
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Strainer
  • glass dish

In the video they use Valerian root, but you can use any herb that you need or want to use.

Here are the steps on how to make a basic tincture:

  1. Fill the pint mason jar up 1/2 way with herbs.
  2. Add vodka to fill the jar
  3. Stir in herbs well and top off jar
  4. Put lid on jar (It can be the metal ones they come with or even plastic like you see in the video) and label
  5. Let the tincture sit for a week with stirring or shaking it.
  6. Put in a dark place and let sit for 5 more weeks.

After 6 weeks total;

  1. Put strainer over clean dish and cheesecloth over strainer
  2. Pour tincture into strainer
  3. Wrap cheese cloth so you can pick up the bundle without losing any herbs
  4. Squeeze cheese cloth to get all the liquid out
  5. Compost the herbs
  6. Rinse cheese cloth and let dry for re- use
  7. Rinse out the pint jar that the tincture originally sat in
  8. pour strained tincture in mason jar
  9. Seal and add new label if needed

This will end up being a ton cheaper for you to do than if you were to buy it at a store. I recommend getting your herbs from You can use just about anything for the labels, masking tape and a sharpie, paper and scotch tape, address labels or anything else you can think of.

If you come across some great tips or tricks, feel free to share!

Happy tincture making!