Bulb of Garlic

Bulb of Garlic

Garlic, we all know its stinky, but is it really helpful?

Garlic is a root herb, meaning the part that we use the most is in the earth rather than on the outside like broccoli. Garlic becomes a small bulb with a thin white layer of “skin” to protect it. Garlic is related closely to onions, leeks, shallots and chives. The “botanical” name is allium sativum, and it is a member of the lily family! The word garlic comes from the Old English garleac, meaning spear leek. Garlic is grown worldwide and has over 300 different varieties!

Garlic has been used for centuries for many things. You can increase the benefits of garlic by letting it sit a little bit after you cut it. When you do this it gives the alliinase enzymes in the garlic time to start working.

Have issues with athletes foot? No need to fear! You can use garlic topically to  get rid of athletes foot. Just create an infusion with garlic and soak your feet! It also helps other infections such  as vaginal yeast infections and ear infections!

I also has antiviral properties and can fight against many flu viruses and the virus that causes cold sores! Its great to take it in the winter in soups, casseroles or salad dressings to help prevent a cold!

There have even been studies that show that garlic may help prevent certain cancers such as breast, bladder, skin and stomach! Its also effective as antioxidant and also inhibits compounds formed by nitrates!

Garlic is great for many things, even lowering blood pressure by relaxing your vein and artery walls, improves blood flow and also decreases cholesterol levels!

This is just a start on what this amazing herb can do! I’m going to start eating it daily, how about you?