Herb Garden

Herb Gardens

Example of a Knot Garden

Many people buy their herbs from the grocery store, but have you notice those prices going up lately? Those small costs here and there tend to add up. What about creating an herb garden? What are herbs and which ones can I plant?

If you have a yard you could put a “kitchen” garden also known as a Kailyard or Potager, for your herbs and spices, You can have a care free style garden or you can even get as dynamic and detailed as a know garden, it just depends on your personal style.  Many people have used herb gardens to keep pests away and provide a pleasing scent to the area.

 Potted Herbs

What if you don’t have a yard where do you put one or how do you grow them? Easy, the answer is potted plants! This is a great idea for not only apartments, but even yards as the herbs are then mobile and you can put them anywhere or take them with you! There are even some herbs that are better to grow in a pot, one of those herbs i mint, as it spreads through the root system. Another great idea is if you have a cat you can put lemongrass or chives in a silver food dish, be sure to drill holes in the bottom for drainage, and have some great herbs ready for your feline friend to snack on. You could even put some next to the bath tub so you can have an herbal bath anytime you wanted!

Growing Herbs can be easy

Example of Potted plants and flowers!

If you are like a majority of people and think you have a “brown” thumb then you are in luck! There are some very forgiving herbs that you can grow too, some of these are basil, chives, dill, sage and more! Each herb has individual needs and uses and as we go along in this journey I will be explaining more on each herb. What their sunlight needs are, what their uses are and what they may or may not like to grow next to. This information will get you an amazing herb garden or pots that will last a long time and keep producing for you and your family. There are so many things you can do with an herb garden, use it to cook with , add color, add fragrance, you can use old crates as bed lines or even to plant directly in them. You can even grow edible flowers in your garden for even more color! So just follow along, comment, add new ideas, and most importantly have fun!


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