There are so many incredible reasons why we should love the earth, the planet, the plants on the planet, and what they do for our body. Being one with the earth means having a respect and knowledge for how everything is so passionately intertwined to work together. If you stop and listen and watch what truly happens when you incorporate different herbs and flowers into our food supply, you will see a vast difference in how we are able to sustain and heal ourselves. Today we are looking at a particular herb that is known to have an incredible amount of healing and nutritional value: Parsley.

I remember a time when I was just a wee child, definitely before I was 5, when I would gracefully chow down on the parsley in my parents and grandparents gardens. I wouldn’t just consume like one or two little leafs, no, from what I have been told it was by the fistfuls that I would yoink this beautiful herb off the plant and chow down. I never understood exactly why, but apparently as a kid I knew that eating from the earth was a healthy and wise thing to do.

Fresh Parsley

Parsley is by far one of the healthiest herbs that you can ingest for your health. It has some of the greatest vitamins in it, almost like kale does, to help reduce a lot of pain and swelling in the body. Many herbalist suggest that if you are going to enjoy the health benefits of raw parsley, you can help in flushing out the toxins that may be developing in your system, purify your kidneys, and even lower blood pressure. Some uses such as grinding the oils out of the leaves and using it on your scalp can help with stopping hair loss and increasing the growth back.

Having been around for well over two thousand years, you can guarantee that the health benefits of parsley have been tried and true by not only current health aficionados, but by our ancestors and their “doctors” as well. For those who suffer from intense joint and bodily pain, you may want to consider looking into parsley as an alternative to help relieve that pain instead of ingesting medication. The make-up of parsley has shown to not only help those who suffer from inflammatory pain, but helps with rheumatoid arthritis as well as having been proven in preventing tumors from growth.

With a rich history of use, the parsley plant is sought after for so many reasons. The next time you see a sprig of parsley on your plate used as decoration, don’t just brush it off to the side, but instead enjoy this beautiful delight that nature has given us. Let it help boost your immune system with its incredible antibodies, flavonoids and volatile oil components that it contains deep within its genetic makeup.  Like I have said before it is truly amazing what Mother Earth allows for us to indulge in to benefit our health. These are just some of the health benefits to parsley, there are so many more incredible uses and health benefits that can be found online and by talking to a local herbalist.