I am probably one of the most stressed out and clumsy people you will ever meet. For me, I’m either walking into a wall by taking a turn too short, or hitting my leg on a table I know has been there forever. Thanks to this gracefulness, I end up getting tons of bruises, cuts, scrapes and even puffy eyes from the lack of sleep that I get sometimes. What I have learned by switching to drinking tea is that tea has some of the most incredible external healing properties. Here I will tell you some of the great ways to use tea externally to heal some every day oops happenings.

Burn Be Gone

Unfortunately living near the beach allows me to enjoy my happy place as often as I want; however, the sun decides it wants to constantly ruin my fun when I forget to touch up my Suntan lotion by leaving a nasty burn. The last time I had a pretty nasty burn, the aloe did nothing for the burn and I was at a lost cause.  I ended up talking to a huge health nut friend of mine and believe it or not he recommended that I go get some tea bags and use the water from the tea to heal my sunburn. I went and got a package of black tea, came home, soaked 4 tea bags in 8 cups of water for about an hour. The water turned horribly dark, but then I listened to the suggestion and took a wash cloth, dipped it in the tea, and slowly dabbed my sunburn with it. I was told to not rinse it off but instead let the body take in the natural healing elements and do its thing. The next day, I woke up in a lot less pain and swelling and redness reduced. I continued this for about 4 days and believe it or not the amount of tan I had instead of peeling had been great! I highly recommend even if you burn yourself cooking or something, try using black tea!

Puffy Eye Poof

If there is one thing I hate more than anything it is how puffy my eyes are from the lack of sleep. I am such a on the move and go go type of person that I always get very little time to sleep. This unfortunately leads to me being stuck with puffy eyes that look like there might be marshmallows in there somewhere and is incredibly unsightly. A great remedy I found for this is soaking two tea bags (I recommend a green tea or herbal) in warm water, and then letting them sit in the fridge overnight. I then take those tea bags the next day when they are nice and chilled and lay down with them on my eyes until I feel them reach room temperature. At that point, it really helps to take away the stressful look and unsightly puff and restores me to a human looking nature! This method also really helps to calm stressed eyes that have stared at the computer too long or been out on the town for the evening and kind of hurt! Sometimes, I’ll put the tea bags in a pouch in the fridge and pull them out as I need them during the week, but after a week, I toss and start again.

Bite Soother

Unfortunately we all at some point in our life get to experience what it’s like to be bit, scratched, stung, or hurt by an insect (or some creepy crawly). If you are in a pinch and need to reduce the swelling and help start healing the ouch, I suggest going ahead and slapping a cold tea bag (black tea) in the injury site to help start to pull the toxins out and to have the cold start soothing the sting.

As you can see, not only does tea help internally, but it helps a lot externally to heal the body. There are so many great and incredible aspects from healing tea that I don’t think I will ever be able to fully spread all the good news. Just remember, make sure you talk to a doctor before starting any new sort of healing regimen.