Oregano plant, Oregano

Oregano plant Close up


Do you get nervous headaches? Well good news is here! Oregano as an herbal tea can help relieve those nervous headaches! It is an herb that is normally only thought of for cooking purposes, but it is so much more than that! Shown is a picture of an oregano plant. Steep some dried oregano leaves in a cup of hot water and you have a great tea to sip on! The photo posted on the left is a close up photo of the oregano plant. You can grow the plant in your home that way you can dry it for tea. If you are looking to dry the oregano for tea, then what you do it cut off the leaves and you can either hang them to dry, or you can put them in a dehydrator!

Have a headache from an aching tooth? No need to worry oregano saves the day! You can get some oregano oil and put a few drops onto a cotton ball. Once you do this, apply the cotton ball (cotton pad, tissue, paper towel) directly to the hollow of an aching tooth! Claimants have said this frequently relieves the tooth pain!

Oregano is a wonderful plant that can help with headaches caused from nervousness to headaches caused from tooth aches. It can help all the way to your feet with athletes foot! What an amazing plant!



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