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A Monkey Grooms a Chicken

The other day I went to the local walmart and already I saw school supplies! Seems like it’s getting earlier and earlier every year along with Christmas! So I figured I would post about a natural remedy for head lice! Being prepared early is much better than trying to scramble later! Unfortunately and fortunately we don’t groom each other like monkeys and eat them. So we’ve got to find other ways to get rid of them! Most people run to the store and buy the kits at the store, but did you know that those have insecticides? I don’t know about you, but I’m not one that’s too comfortable putting chemicals on my body. Not to mention that,  I remember when I was a kid, they stunk! Same with the stuff you had to spray around the house, which if you have pets, isn’t safe for pets.

In general when you find out someone in your household has lice (because its not just kids that can get them!) you want to vacuum thoroughly everyday, wash any affected materials such as sheets, pillow cases and clothes in hot water and dry in the hot cycle. You also want to put any affected materials that you can’t wash in a plastic bag for 10 days. You will want to pick up a nit comb from the store ans thoroughly comb through your hair to get all the eggs out. By using a blow dryer to heat your hair, you can increase the effectiveness of this.

There are 5 basic herbs that will help and 2 not so basic. The five that most will know of are Cinnamon leaf, tea tree, peppermint, nutmeg and oregano, and the two that are not so well known are anise (smells like licorice!)  and red thyme. For these to work, they need to be made into essential oil, or purchased as essential oil.  To make the essential oil, you will want to place 1/4 oz of the herb into a mason jar, then measure out 1C oil, can be olive oil, grape seed oil or any lightly scented oil. If you have a crock pot, you can let them head in the crock pot for 6 hours. I don’t have a crock pot, so what I do is let it sit in a mason jar in the sun on a window sill for 2 weeks.  Once either one of those time frames is up, strain out the herbs from the oil getting the oil into a clean mason jar and label and date it! This lasts for about 6 months. You may be able to make less essential oils by cutting the recipe in have, but I have not tried this yet, down the line you may find other reasons to use them anyway.

For applying the essential oil that you chose you will want to follow the next 4 steps:

1: Mix 1 oz of  unflavored vodka with one drop of essential oil from each herb and spray onto the scalp. You will want to rub it in and leave it on over night, Probably best to wash your stuff after this night 😉 In the morning you can wash off the spray in the shower and you will wan to rinse your head with 1 oz of 50% water 50% apple cider vinegar and again one drop of essential oil from each herb. At this point, leave this in your hair again. Once you get out of the shower you will want to take 1 oz of olive oil or grape seed oil and mix it again with one drop of essential oil from each herb and rub it into your scalp and leave it in over night. In the morning you will want to wash your hair again and repeat the rinse. At this point you will be good for about 7-9 days and you will want to repeat this again as the eggs hatch in 10 days.

Hope this helps some of you guys out and happy de-licing! 😉