Having a small herb garden on a patio or balcony 

Here is a short video on how to have a small herb garden in a limited area of a patio or a balcony. 

After viewing this video, think about the size of your area.

This will determine the size and quantity of your containers. 

As discussed here, full sun is best – possibly a half day of shade is OK but not completely shaded all day.

There are many different types of containers 

  • Terra Cotta – these kind of containers can breathe so they (and the soil) will dry out. 
  • Cement – these are nice but can be heavy if too big. 
  • Plastic –  plastic will retain water more so than the other forms so you will need to make sure that you have drainage in the bottom of the pot so that the plants don’t rot out at the root.

When working on an organic concept, start out with some organic potting soil and add an organic fertilizer. These are available at most home center stores.

When thinking about what to grow – think about what you like to cook with. Also, think about whether you have any allergies to specific herbs or spices in food.

When thinking about this, set up your plantings to grow herbs that you will use when cooking. Sometimes, you can grow herbs that will help your display by adding color – the choices are completely up to you.

When deciding, think about the size of a plant when it is full grown OR how much “spread out space” it will like. Remember, you will have to trim back the mint herbs as they are growing because they will just continue to take over more space in your garden area.

When watering, be consistent. You can “feel” the moisture content in your pot by sticking you r finger into the pot to test the soil. If dry, add some water. if wet, hold off. 

Some organic herbs that you may think about growing on your patio or  balcony might be:

  • Oregano – GREAT herb for using in Italian cooking but is also used in some mid-eastern dishes. Delicious! 
  • Chamomilethis delicious tasting herb creates a tea that is soothing and has good digestive traits.
  • Eucalyptushas been known to have healing properties for sinus congestion and coughs.
  • Garlichas been known to work at reducing High Blood pressure as well as cholesterol. It is also an antiseptic. 

These are just a few examples of herbs that you can grow in a small area. Depending on the area that you have available, this may lead to just a small amount of yield for some of these herbs but the most fun is in putting your herb garden together and enjoying the wonderful tastes that come from it. 

When relaxing in your new small garden area, many of the plants will give off a nice smell to be around so that you can just hang out and enjoy time in “your space”.

Good luck and ENJOY!