Daisen-In small zen garden

small zen garden

Need a little more tranquility in your life? More like a little bit of zen… You can create a zen garden even in an apartment!

Zen gardens have been around since at least 592 A.D. Zen gardens are a deeply spiritual aspect of Japanese gardening traditions, a place of peace and thought.  There are many different types of “zen” gardens and they have evolved over the years. A classic zen garden is Is manly rock or sand but can sometimes include foliage. The foliage that can be used would be like grasses or bamboo.

To place boulders in an authentic Japanese garden you will need to have a garden master. This can’t just any garden master though, it has to be a garden master who has trained for at least 15 years to place them! Once the rocks are placed then you can start to place foliage to enhance the beauty of the rocks.

Buddhist priests created the more common dry garden, also known as a  “karesansui” which means “dry mountain and water garden”. The sand is used to represent flowing water and is raked to resemble this. They also use large boulders to represent mountains ascending toward the sky.

You can create your own zen garden at home. You can create a small one that fits on your desk or a larger one for inside your garden! You just need to build a wall around the area with either wood or stone and fill with sand and gravel! Then you can strategically place larger rocks and create patterns that creates inquisitive thoughts.

Maintenance is fairly easy too. You can rake it as little or as often as you want to maintain the appearance of waves. Of course after a large thunderstorm or high winds you will most likely have to rake it again.

Always remember, you don’t have to do a large on in your yard, you can use the same methods to create a small desktop zen garden!