The lovely flu season is here, but before you go jumping to shots, check this post out! I don’t believe in the new flu shots as there are many different strains of the flu and those only “protect” against one or two. I personally haven’t gotten the flu in many many  years due to a healthy diet, supplement, herbs and tea!And, like my mother and grandmother always said, getting gin once will only help you fight it off better in the future!

First of all, how does tea help fight the flu? Well, tea has many antioxidants, so by drinking it you are getting the antioxidants directly into your blood stream. Plus, drinking warm fluids like tea or warm milk and what not has always helped with the flu!

I do want to mention here that, though there are no known cures, these herbs are what have helped me and have helped ease symptoms.

Elderberry is used for colds, flu and sinus infections. This great herb had been used for centuries fighting these things. It is even referred to as an herb that fight “against all infirmities what-so-ever”. Elderberry can be used as a tea and it can help reduce fever,  purify the blood and cleanse the body’s cells of pathogens, and the best part? It tastes great! It is also not just the berry that you can use for medicinal purposes, but you can also use the stems, leaves and flowers! Elderberry is even more active against the flu as is blocks the replication of the flu, which is what makes it so hard on us.  Its safe for children, so even if you are breastfeeding you can drink the tea, and your kids can have some tea!  A great way to start taking it when you start feeling like you are getting the flu is to make a hot tea of elderberry tincture, yarrow and peppermint. Take this before you go to bed as it promotes a good nights sleep and induces sweating!

My all around go-to herb is echinacea. It has been used by Native Americans for over four hundred years! They used it to treat many things such as wounds from snakes, including bites, treat infections, and like we use “neosporin” today!  My allergies get horrible in the spring so I take it to promote my immune system for that anyway so it helps protect me from the flu all year round! Echinacea is an amazing herb, and you can create an extract which will help work against a bad enzyme called hyaluronidase which destroys the body’s defenses against diseases!

This one, you may or may not believe, but ginger! Thats right, Ginger root! Its an ancient remedy used medicinally in Asian, Indian and Arabic cultures!  Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and help digestve problems, upset somach and nausea! As an anti-inflammatory it will help with flu-like symptoms, the common cold, headaches and even painful menstrual periods! When you have the flu, mom always said that sweating was a good thing! Well, ginger root helps you to produce sweat and release pathogens as well as strengthen your immune system! A great way to take ginger is to simmer some water in a pot and put some sliced fresh ginger and two or three cinnamon sticks in the water and let simmer for about 20 minute. When its done, take out the pieces and enjoy!

So this flu season take a second chance at nature and allow your body to fight FOR you. Try not to jump so fast at the flu shot and enjoy some delicious teas!