Ah that time of year can never be anticipated. You know what we’re talking about. It’s the one time of year that co-workers, students, and others share those wonderful germs with us that make us feel oh so heavenly with a fever, upset stomach, aches, cramps, and even more! Who doesn’t love a good old fashion flu bug, cold, or virus that keeps us from doing what we need to do? I know for one I despise being sick, but when it can’t be helped there are some natural cold remedies I tend to enjoy turning to in order to make sure I can kick the bug sooner than later. Hopefully these great options for getting healthy naturally will help you in staving off that bug that everyone else has!


I cannot even begin to express my love for garlic enough. After being sick for close to 3 weeks straight, breaking in and out of fever, and having been on antibiotics and a z-pack with no hope for getting better, I turned to the good ol fashion remedy of garlic. The healing properties, antibodies, and it sure as heck won’t hurt your body like penicillin. My favorite part is that you can take the garlic and eat it whole, in oil, or even capsule form! I tend to enjoy mixing it with some fresh carrot, ginger, garlic juice to help fight off those horrendous bugs. The one thing that basically saved my life when I was so sick and fighting fever after fever was definitely some tasty garlic!

Feeling sick, Day 59 Project 365 12.18.09

Feeling sick, Day 59 Project 365 12.18.09—William Brawley (Flickr.com)


So many people come down with the flu or some variation of cold/virus every year. It’s great for big pharm but what about those who might have an immune system that doesn’t tolerate their drugs? The elderberry plant is a great way to go to help boost the immune system naturally. Elder stimulates the circulation, causing sweating, effectively cleansing the body. Elderberry syrup is the most common delivery method and 1-3 tablespoons can be taken per day during infection. I highly recommend Sambucol Syrup from any health food store or pharmacy. Remember if you are sick to always consult your physician.

Lemon Balm

Another great option when you are feeling ill is to enjoy some lemon balm. It has incredible antiviral properties that could help you in getting better sooner. The best way for enjoying lemon balm is to use it as a tea. This tea can generally help you if you are especially experiencing upset stomach from your cold or flu. Mixing lemon balm in with a green tea can add even extra benefits to help you heal sooner.