Drying herbs, Dried Herbs

Drying herbs, Dried Herbs

Growing and drying sage is one of the best ways to keep the cost down. Sage smudge sticks generally run anywhere from eight to eleven dollars!

You can grow sage in a pot or in a small garden. We grew it in a small garden this year and boy did it take off! Usually we have had to grow it in pots and it stayed smaller so we didn’t get as much yield off it in previous years. You can just get a small plant of common sage at your local hardware store.

We let the sage grow until it flowered, and at that time we cut the flowers off and composted them. Once that was finished we cut the sage back to about 1 inch tall. Now because it was hot this year it didn’t grow back for a while and is just now starting to produce again.

We brought the cut leaves into our home. Unfortunately we didn’t have an herb shed to do this in. A lot of people like to use dehydrators as it doesn’t take up much space. I personally don’t care too much for dehydrators as its more that you have to spend to get the sage dried and really isn’t necessary.  We put a string up in a small walk in closet that we had and tied it up there, closed the door, turned off the light and forgot about it. You can really do this anywhere, the top of a standard closet, the garage or even in the kitchen would look pretty cool. We checked on it periodically when we had to go into that closet and once it was dried we pulled it off of the string.

Once we pulled it all off the string in the closet  we pulled the leaves from the thick “branches” and put them in mason jars. You can crush them or even leave them whole if you want.

Drying sage for smudge sticks is fairly simple. Cut a “branch” and some extra leaves off of the plant. When you get inside you will need someone to help you. You can gently twist the branch and the leaves together resembling a smudge stick. We used clothing thread as we didn’t have anything else and tied it around the stick. Once it was all tied together we hung it upside down from the ceiling, and every few days would tighten the thread to keep it together.

Hope this helps cut your costs, I know its helped our cost as we haven’t had to buy a smudge stick in 3-4 years.