Have you ever felt disconnected to nature?Salvia growing against Juniper

I have begun to feel it now that I have started on this journey of connecting back with nature. It is not hippie talk; it is actually scientifically proven that we are all connected. If you live in a four-season climate for a while and then move somewhere you don’t have the seasons, your body will still try to connect with the seasons and your mind will begin to play tricks on you.

Our ancestors didn’t have it all wrong; they just didn’t have the technology we have today to advance their research. Today, we have great medicines and technology. Even with all the great advancements with all this, I feel that this is one of our biggest reasons for disconnection from nature. Our ancient ancestors had ideas of plants and nature that most of us, especially you if you’re reading this, are feeling disconnected from. They looked at plants differently then we do now and had a greater respect for nature and the importance of being connected to it.

Most people spray for “weeds” or pull out living plants just because they weren’t visually appealing. Our ancestors figured how the plant could heal by looking at the hints and signs Mother Nature gives to us. For instance if a plant thrives in a healthy balance of water and soil (like sand) it is probably helpful for ailments and cleansing of the liver. They call these signs “The Doctrine of Signatures” and it has been around for millennia and have even been proven correct.

On this path I feel that learning the doctrine of signatures will help me feel closer to nature as I will be listening to how she is speaking with us and how she wants to work with us. In turn we can take better care of the Earth, nourish it and it will take care of us. Anyway, about the doctrine of signatures, its not only true with plants but with fruits and veggies as well!

Did you know a common legume we eat is shaped identical to a human kidney and actually help heal and maintain kidney function? That would be the kidney bean! If you are religious and read the bible then the doctrine of signature is actually no secret to you. “And God said ‘I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed to you it shall be for food.’” Genesis 1:29.

In the early 1600’s this information was written down when a man saw the relationship between nature and us. His name was Jakob Bohme and he was only twenty-five when he wrote this down. The book title is Signature Rerum, which translates to “The signature of all things” in English. There are actually many famous scientists and doctors that truly believed in this and tried to let people know about it. One of those people is actually Paracelus who was a Swiss physician that modern day scholars have deemed the “Father of Modern Chemistry”.

If so many people then believed that all of nature is a living organism and we are to coexist then why is this information such shocking news to us today? Why are we trying to create cures by man when nature has already given us the cure? We just have to open our eyes. Paracelus states that “connecting to the essence of a plant is the gateway to its spirit or consciousness” and I truly believe that. What about you?