Is anxiety normal?

I was born in a rather large city and spent half of my childhood there. I had always felt like it was a lot to handle. In my very small Christian school I had no idea how large “city” could be until my family moved to an even larger city and I began 7th grade at a public school. I always had a feeling of being overwhelmed and never really knew why. Through the years the amount of fellow peers grew, but it seems as if the schools got smaller! I still never understood why I always felt anxious and couldn’t sit still until I started working from home after moving to a city a tenth of the size city that I had spent the second half of my childhood in.

Prescription vs Natural Means

It was anxiety and probably a little bit of anxiety-induced depression going on! If you know what I am talking about then you also know that having anxiety is sometimes like a thousand voices going off at once in your head and you can’t calm them. I was prescribed Xanax and one fill lasted me three years, so I thought I had it under control. That lasted until I moved back to a 4 million-population city and worked retail on the tax-free weekend. What a reality check! While I was at work I had such a severe panic attack that I ended up going home early that night! Needless to say I am no longer in that position, but I had to figure out how to get my anxiety under control. Even though I had a prescription for Xanax, I had a strong belief in natural and healthy ways to support the body, so of course I wanted to find help naturally.

The Herbalist’s Calming Blend

Sounds impossible, right? Not so much! I talked with my local herbalist and she gave me a calming blend to try. Even though I take myself out of the extreme circumstances now, the blend actually works for anxiety that I didn’t know I had daily! One of the calming blends main ingredients is Valerian root. Now it’s not enough to make you drowsy or sleepy but just enough to take away that anxious feeling. Unlike taking Valerian root to sleep this works in a mild calming manner, this blend works different. In this case, your senses are already heightened so it just relaxes you and calms the thousands of thoughts going on at once in your mind.

How Valerian Root works to calm you

Valerian root helps with anxiety because it works with your brain. In what sense? Well there is an acid, amino butyric acid to be exact that works with nerve cells in either creating anxiety or relaxation. When you have more of this acid (GABA for short) the more it works with the nerve cells to create a calming effect! So if you are looking for a natural anxiety relief then you can look for a blend at your local health foods store and know how Valerian root will help!


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