So we’ve been seeing more and more of the fair trade label. Personally I try to buy organic and fair trade. When I buy my bulk herbs and teas I buy from Mountain Rose Herbs who has fair

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

trade whenever they ship in from other countries. They also have a great herbal tea that tastes like coffee without the caffeine! Its fantastic when you want that late night cup of coffee but don’t want to be up all night long.

A lot of people will think that fair trade products are hard to find in everyday products such as coffee, but it really isn’t. I have found fair trade coffee at my local grocery store, its a little more expensive but it is helping the families in the countries where the coffee comes from.  I have honestly found the best deal though, and I don’t think you will believe from where…. I found it at the local Sam’s Club!  This is a great deal because they have a couple of different flavors for coffee! It is also much cheaper than your average coffee. Their fair trade coffee is about $12 for 2.5lbs and foldgers coffee is about $15 for 2lbs and Duncan Doughnuts is $20! I would go with the fair trade any day because its an amazing savings!

In some Sam’s Clubs you can even find organic coffee. The organic coffee is available at my local sams and that’s what I chose most of the time and it taste’s delicious.

Always remember that when you are buying fair trade you are helping families in other countries. When companies buy fair trade they pay a higher price, a  fair price, that way the qualitiy of the product is better as well.

So the next time you go to sam’s club to buy coffee go ahead and save a few dollars and grab the fair trade members mark product!