Cinnamon, a great spice that has a sent that reminds us all of fall. Is it more than just a scent?

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks 15


Cinnamon has a great flavor to it and is often found used in Eastern cultures. This is found especially true in Indian dishes.

We like to make a treat for ourselves when we are craving sweets but don’t have any in the house or any money to get some, we call it the “poor man’s treat”! Just by the name you can tell that it is a very inexpensive treat. To make a poor mans treat you grab a piece of bread and toast it. Once it has finished apply butter to it and then sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon! It’s a great way to curb that sweet tooth and save money!

Enough of the yummy stuff though! Cinnamon is way healthy too!  In order to get the health benefits I am about to talk about you want to make sure that you get true cinnamon, not cassia which is often sold as cinnamon, but is not.

Cinnamon helps in the following ways:

  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Yeast infection help
  • Cancer prevention
  • Anti-clotting
  • Arthritis Relief

Not only does cinnamon do all those amazing things it is also a natural food preservative! It inhibits bacterial growth and food spoilage and even fights against E. Coli in unpasteurized juices!

Another quirky property of cinnamon is that when you smell cinnamon, it boosts cognitive function and memory! So keep a can of cinnamon on your desk and take a big sniff of it when you feel your brain slowing down!

Cinnamon is a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium. A great way to start incorporating it in your daily life it the poor mans treat or even in some milk!