Flu Season is Here!


It got me this year, the flu and instead of using conventional medications or antibiotics, I used all herbal remedies. Yes, I even got better just using these home remedies! Its amazing what nature can do to help you fight off an infection!

Got Bad Breath?

There are lots of discussions going on about flouride in our toothpaste so I started looking for an herbal remedy that could help bad breath! I have actually found quit a few remedies that help, one including cloves!

Herbal Remedies: Garlic

Bulb of Garlic

Garlic is a great herbal remedy for VB an other things. It has a ton of antibacterial properties and can even help with athletes foot! Garlic is also great for lowering your blood pressure!

Herbal Remedies: Feline Hairballs

Slippery Elm 2

My kitties are usually pretty healthy but occasionally they have hairballs, and this time I was looking for an herbal remedy. One of the best remedies is slippery elm bark, but what exactly is it and how does it help?