I recently came across an herb that I have never heard of before and am excited to share it. I figured I would start exploring new herbs on a regular basis to expand my knowledge on herbal remedies that I can make at home. The herb I stumbled on this time is bupleurum root and I came across it through the Mountain Rose Herbs website as it was one of the monthly specials.

This herb is native to Asia. The Chinese call it “Chai Hu” and it kind of looks like fennel! This plant is actually a pretty amazing one. Of course I am not a doctor just simply sharing amazing information and do not recommend trying home remedies until you consult with your doctor. The root is bitter and pungent in taste, and has anti-inflammatory properties. There have been many people who report improved symptoms with numerous ailments while using this herb.

This root helps with circulation, PMS Symptoms, and protects the liver. It basically releases internal tension and lowers mental stress. There was even a mix of roots that included bupleurum that helped fourteen critically ill children rid Hepatitis B from their systems! There have even been claims of helping regulate menstrual cycles and also helping mammary distending pain and lumps in combination with another root. You can put the root in your teas or even buy a quick dissolving granule that would be used as a tea alone. This herb is good for so many things I would go on and on, but for today I leave you with the information above.

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