Beeswax candle, Still life with fruit and candle

Beeswax candle, Still life with fruit and candle—Nita J Y (

There is nothing I love more than being able to come home from work and strike a match in order to light my beautiful candles. The soft and warming glow that they produce allow me to not only relax, but to find solace after a long day and rest up with a good book or a homemade delicious meal. What I don’t like however is the incredible toxic build up from most every day cheap candles. After doing much research it was found that beeswax candles offer so many lovely benefits over the typical paraffin and they also smell incredible, if you like the smell of beeswax. Here are just a few wonderful reasons why you should choose to purchase a beeswax candle over a typical paraffin candle.


Let’s start with the ugly first. Sure, lighting a candle to help your home smell great is something amazing but what happens when you really look at the ingredients list? Suddenly, that beautiful smell you thought you loved oh so much isn’t so beautiful. Paraffin candles are made up of some pretty epic petroleum sludge that includes a total of 11 toxic chemicals, and that’s after the refining process. That black soot you see coming up from your candle? Yea, that’s part of the residue that comes from burning those tasty chemicals. As you burn the candle, you are releasing this chemicals into the air and creating even more toxicity thanks to the bleaching process that paraffin goes to as it becomes a candle. Don’t know about you, but doing the research really turned me off to having paraffin candles in my home.


Now we can move to the beautiful. Pure, natural, and warm glow coming from a beeswax candle that emits twice the brightness of a paraffin candle and a smell that is just beyond heavenly. If you enjoy a soft honey and floral smell, these beeswax candles are perfect. Not overpowering, but soft enough to leave your home refreshed. Due to the natural ingredients, the flame will glow not only brighter, but cleaner and without the black soot that is left behind thanks to paraffin processing. With a higher melting point, beeswax candles won’t drip as long, nor will they burn as short. The average time for a beeswax candle is between two to four times longer than your paraffin candle. The last reason that I opted to go for beeswax candles in my home over the typical paraffin is due to the healing powers of the beeswax. When you burn a beeswax candle you are actually helping out your body by releasing negative ions to help cleanse your air and create a healthier environment.

As you can see there are so many wonderful reasons why one would want to seek out burning a beeswax candle versus a paraffin candle. Even though they may not come in all the bright fun colors and different unique smells like paraffin, the health benefits purely outweigh that. Check out your option of going to beeswax candles the next time that you are shopping for some new candles or decorations!