Basil, is it JUST an herb or is it also a medicinal herb?

Basil has many benefits to it, so I believe that it is more than “just” a flavor adding herb. It is indigenous to Asia but is grown primarily in France, Greece, Egypt and the United States. Due to the fact that it is widely grown it has over 60 different varieties all varying in appearance and potency! The most common form, especially in the United States is Sweet Basil. Sweet Basil is the most commonly used variety for cooking. Have you ever smelt basil? Overpowering sometimes isn’t it? Its overpowering like mint can be, unusual huh? Surprisingly it is actually in the mint family!

Basil, is a medicinal herb, and has been used to thousands of years to help cure ailments.  Basil has large amounts of Vitamin K and Calcium.  It is also great for reducing the level of stress that you may have. Have inflammation? Basil can help that, the leaf is full of Beta-caryophyllene which is a great anti-inflammatory!

Basil has two water-soluble antioxidants, orientin and vicenin. These two antioxidants have studies showing that when mice have received one of these two antioxidants before being subjected to radiation had reduced chromosomal damage. So in essence these antioxidants helped saved the mice’ DNA! In turn by helping preserve the DNA of the mice, it helped limit DNA mutations that are linked to the growth of cancer.

Worried about the cleanliness of your home and the side effects of some of the disinfectants out there? No need to worry anymore! Basil has some great antibacterial properties! Basil’s essential oil has 3 things that help fight against bacteria which are rosmarinic acis, linalool and leanolic acid. Basil has even been shown effective in preventing staph and E-coli!  There has even been research done by Bulgarians proving that its essential oil can even kill bacteria like Enterococcus, Pseudomonas and staphylococcus that are currently drug resistant!

This is just a brief overview of what befits we can gain from basil, with high amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and even benefits of reducing arthritis pain. It truly is a tasty blessing in disguise!