Support Local Honey

Honey Comb

When you are looking to enjoy honey, there are great reasons why you should support local bee keepers by purchasing their honey. Not only is it something that is great for the local economy, it’s something that is also equally as good for the local environment and for your health.

The Healing Power of Mullein


With many people taking notice of how badly pharmaceuticals can affect you, and how they may not work on some, people are returning to a good old fashioned and trustworthy method of healing: Herbs. A once popular position in cultures is becoming more sought after as people are understanding that Mother Nature is here to help us, and heal us. The herbalist is someone that many people are starting to seek after again to help with their ailments in a natural way. I always suggest that you talk to both a regular physician as well as herbalist before starting any herbal program. The herbs I wanted to talk about today however have many great and wonderful healing properties: Mullein

Tea Gift Ideas

There are a million different and amazing ideas to give the tea lover in your life, but where to begin choosing? We hope that this quick and simple list will allow you to find that perfect gift to light up the life of your favorite tea enthusiast.

Holiday Tea Relief

Bourbon Mint Tea

There are so many great and wonderful reasons to stop during the middle of your busy holiday shopping and get some tasty tea. We all have so much going on that the dread of holiday prepping tends to stress us out.

Flu FighterHerbs

Feeling sick, Day 59 Project 365 12.18.09

I despise being sick, but when it can’t be helped there are some natural cold remedies I tend to enjoy turning to in order to make sure I can kick the bug sooner than later.