Bulk herbs, Dubai Spice Souk

Bulk herbs

Generally people go to the grocery store to buy all their food needs. If you go to walmart, you go there for almost everything. But have you noticed that herbs are pretty pricey? Especially if you want a higher quality herb pack.

Take garlic for instance, I just picked some up the other day and for the larger McCormick bottle it was six dollars!!  This a crazy high amount, and they aren’t even organic herbs! For one dollar more, I can get one pound of garlic powder, AND its organic!

So what do you do with prices so high? What do you do when even walmart has them “as low as they can get them” ? You buy bulk! Bulk is definitely the way to go now. You can buy mason jars and store the herbs in your cabinet with those. Not to mention that when they are in your cabinet you can label them and tier them that way you can see what you are looking for. For any excess that you may have that wont fit in the mason jar you can simply re-seal them, put them in a box and store them in a closet or in your basement! The herbs that I get are all organic and last a pretty long time, cooking for two most of the time doesn’t take up that much. When you care cooking for 4+ mouths it can add up, thats why I like going to mountain rose herbs. They have a great variety of herbs that are organic and fair trade and in the long run are cheaper for you and your family!