Almond Oolong Loose Tea

 When I met my husband all I had ever known for tea was bigalow english breakfast tea. Its not a bad tea, but now I definitely prefer organic loose enlglish tea. Needless to say, he introduced me to a world of flavor that I never even knew about.

One of my favorite teas is an Almond Oolong tea. Its got such a sweet flavor and tastes great when it is hot or even cold!

When I drink it hot I add a little loose stevia leaf for some extra sweetness without adding sugar or any artificial crap. If you don’t know what stevia is, it is a plant that  is naturally sweet. Its good for even diabetics! No more fake sweeteners!

When I drink it cold, I add a little something special;

Liquid Stevia – Berry Flavored!

This gives the drink a whole new flavor! Its a sweet berry almond flavor that I just can’t get enough of!

To make it hot I heat up 2 cups of hot water in the microwave for a single serving and add 2 TBSP of the loose tea in a tea ball and let it steep for 4 minutes. Be careful when drinking so you do not burn your mouth. For multiple servings make a pot of hot water and add6-9 tbspn, depending on flavor preference, in a large tea ball and let sit for 5-6 minutes and enjoy!

Sometimes when I make a large pot of this tea I like to add Jasmine tea to it as well, they blend great together!

To enjoy it cool I tend to make a whole pot so I can put it in a pitcher in the fridge. So you would follow the same as making it hot, but when it is done steeping, find a plastic just and stick in he fridge. I say plastic because once you put the hot in a class pitcher and set it in the fridge because of the temperature difference it can crack the glass.

Once it cools in the fridge I add 2 droppers of the berry flavored stevia. Then I put ice in a glass and enjoy!

I hope you guys enjoy this wonderful summer drink!