There is nothing more irritating than waking up in the morning unable to breathe and your allergies stuffing your sinuses making it impossible to have any sort of focus. As you become torn deciding between taking an allergy tablet and drinking a cup of tea with local honey, your eyes continue to water and you sniff and sneeze. Which do you choose? A natural method for clearing out your congestion and slowing down the allergies or do you take the medical route and just down another allergy tablet? Well, I’m here to let you know that there are definitely some excellent sources of natural allergy relief through tea.


The first thing to help in many allergy relief symptoms is partaking in local honey. Finding a local honey that is pure and full of the local pollen can help to build your immune system to fend off any allergies Also, make sure that you find a local honey source that is free of gmo product use or chemicals is always key. Remember, whatever the bees ingest and produce into the honey will go into your system so you want something clean, local, pure, and healthy to mix into your tea. They say 1 tablespoon is enough to help fight allergies for a day. To help with long-term seasonal allergies you want to get the upcoming season’s honey. So for spring, you want to get spring honey in the winter.


Not only is ginger a great anti-inflammatory, it is an excellent natural antihistamine. Using ginger will allow your sinuses that are inflamed from an allergy attack to stop swelling and to relieve some of the stress around your sinus cavities. This will not only allow you to get relief from the swelling, but it will help with having any sort of allergies. Combine this with the powers of honey and you have a pretty great allergy relief combination.


Believe it or not, peppermint is also a great anti-inflammatory as well as a source of relief from allergies. Mix this into any of your teas to help relieve the built-up congestion that you have been fighting and allow yourself to have a fresh breathe of air. The great part of peppermint is that it has antibacterial properties as well to help you prevent any sort of sinus infection before it hits.

Magnolia Flower

The powers of the magnolia flower are truly incredible. Not only does it help to fight off any congestion, but if you suffer from itchy, watery, red eyes from your allergies, you can find relief from that as well by using magnolia flower. Mixing this in with a Jasmine tea or Green tea will greatly reduce the stress of having allergies and not being able to breathe or see from them.