Weeks started to pass, and I started to crave less and less coffee, and more and more teas. Who knew that someone who had such a strong addiction would find his or her ability to break it with tea? I also noticed, that while I was quitting smoking, I would start to crave sipping a fresh organic ice tea instead of stepping outside to smoke. It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure, but it was something different. Each day that continued to pass on, I kept learning more about tea, and it was quite the journey!

I remember finding out about the difference in teas. I knew that there were different varieties, but I didn’t know how MUCH there was. You had green tea, white tea, black tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea, mate tea, and so many more! What each different tea offered, I was completely amazed! I never knew that there could be so many flavor combinations, and that some of these teas could combine to help you fight off colds, help you loose weight, or even help curb your cravings and addictions!

As someone who was a coffee fiend, realizing that I always poured 10 packets of sugar into a cup of coffee was hard to accept. How was I going to kill that craving of sugar when I switch to tea? I never thought tea to be sweet, and always thought it was just this drink that fans of Doctor Who and British Comedies or complete health nuts would enjoy. Boy, was I wrong, so very wrong! The sugar cravings were easy to fix because of the fruit teas. The natural sugars from the fruit really made it easy to stop adding so much sugar to my beverages. The next thing for me, was switching from sugar, to honey. I was floored at how I progressed through making myself healthier without killing myself from withdrawals.

Herbal tea, Loose Leaf Tea Sparrows Stray Dog Coffee 1-6-08 22…

Herbal tea, Loose Leaf Tea Sparrows Stray Dog Coffee 1-6-08 22…—stevendepolo (Flickr.com)

After I went from Fruit Teas, I began to mix in Green and White teas as well as some Herbal teas. This transition helped cut the sugar craving even more, as well as helped me to break into the other teas gently. The best part was that the fruit tea combinations suddenly replaced my need for smoking. The flavors helped me replace the clove flavor (I had smoked Djarum Blacks), and helped reduce the cravings. Suddenly, I wasn’t smoking anymore. This also meant, I was cutting back on my coffee consumption because each time I smoked, I would take 2 cups of coffee down with it.

Having replaced one bad habit, I continued to feel better than I ever had in my entire life. The next step, was switching to black, rooibos, and mate teas to help curb my coffee addiction. Believe it or not, this helped a lot more than anything I had ever tried before! The caffeine content in the black teas was enough to help me slowly keep that “caffeine high” yet weak enough that it didn’t trigger my panic attacks. I also noticed that I started to enjoy these tease more without the added sugar, and before you knew it, I had completely kicked my coffee addiction!

It wasn’t an easy task, but I can sure tell you that the lack of panic attacks in my life has made a huge difference. I’m able to clearly focus at any task at hand, and I can perform tasks without feeling like my heart is going to leap from my chest. For someone who had such a passion for coffee, I have “gone to the darkside” and found a new passion in tea! I guess you could say from my experience that tea saved my life.