Green tea and weight loss

Green tea benefits

Trying to lose weight or simply trying to stay thin is a life choice. With the increasing threat of obesity that hangs over our heads, we should all try and make an effort to keep ourselves safe from irreversible damage. Green tea is one way that you can begin to make a healthy life choice to help in weight loss. In the Chinese culture, green tea has long been recognized for its benefits. Drinking green tea has a long-standing history that has proven to be a highly beneficial drink to our personal health. Benefits, green tea, weight loss are all a strong correlation.

There are several studies that look into the relationship between green tea and issues concerning weight, the protection offered against inflammation and microbes, as well as concluded the prevention and even the spread of cancer.

What exactly is green tea?

Green tea is picked from a plant called Camellia Sinensis, just as black and white teas are. Yes, this plant has some amazing attributes. The process that defines green tea is the steaming of fresh leaves at an elevated temperate. This process of steaming the fresh leaves allows the enzymes and nutritional content to remain intact.

How much should I drink?

Usually it is recommended that you enjoy between 3 to 5 cups of tea in a day, depending on how you feel. Though there are diet pills containing green tea, the best way to lose weight in a healthy manner is to consume fresh green tea.  You may also find green tea in a capsule form.  However, drinking the fresh tea of green tea leaves will allow your body to process the benefits of the leaves in a more beneficial manner.

I Like Coffee For Energy, Will Green Tea Help?

Green tea is also known for its excellent taste and for being an energy booster. If you’re looking for benefits of green tea weight loss all in one cup, then you can rest assured that the case is more than possible. Although there are no miracles when it comes to weight loss, you should know that green tea might reduce the digestion of fat by hampering the digestive enzymes. There are also studies, which prove the thermogenic properties of green tea take the consumption of fat and turn it into a fuel to consume calories. Imagine that what you’re now trying to lose becomes your energy.

If you’re having weight problems, do not expect green tea to take them away. Without an exercise program and a proper diet, weight is not going to go away. When you’re struggling with extra pounds, if you are really determined to make a change, you have to be willing to make adjustments. You need to step out of daily routine and release your stress. You must be determined to succeed.

How does it help me lose weight?

If you were wondering how green tea works exactly in losing the excess weight, you should know the following:

The loss is due to polyphenols, compounds that help with intensifying thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Basically this means that the body consumes the fat, turning it into fuel. Drinking this beverage will help with increasing your metabolism and with burning the unwanted fat in a safe and natural manner. You should also know that drinking green tea will cause the carbohydrates to be slowly released, thus preventing increases in insulin leaves, which lead to fat burning up.

Though stimulating the thermogenesis is generally attributed to caffeine, know that green tea stimulates it far greater than caffeine. Gaining weight is attributed to the excess consumption of fats and sugars which are assimilated inside the body as the so called fat cells and green tea will inhibit glucose moving around in fat cells.

So All I Have To Do Is Drink Green Tea?

It’s best that when you’re trying to lose weight you take care of what you eat also. Vegetables and fruits, fish and mostly white meat are the ideal meals you should take within a day. Allow yourself to take at least 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to exercise, which is not only going to improve your body but also your mind.

Are There Side Effects To Green Tea?

There are no side effects to drinking green tea. Still if you have any doubts about green tea consumption, it would be best to consult with a professional, preferably your own personal doctor. If you feel that it’s time to take control over your life, do so, without any hesitation. Remember, benefits of green tea weight loss are a universal truth so you will never fail!


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