Ginseng Tea Health Benefits

Ginseng tea is an excellent weight loss supplement, which is made from the dried roots of Siberian, Asian, or American ginseng plant. The ginseng tea weight loss has been used all through the American, Asian and Latin history and it is also highly praised for its ability to augment the function of immune system and energy as well. According to some reports, ginseng tea is one of the most popular and commonly utilized weight loss supplements all over the world.



If you are someone who is encountering issues with weight loss, you may want to look at using Ginseng Tea.  Ginseng tea has the great capability to increase the rate of metabolism (the speed at which the food is transubstantiated into the energy). Ginseng is a sugarless tea, which means it is almost devoid of calories and it can also be used as an effective, and reliable low calorie substitute to the beverages, which are rich of calories and other sugared soft drinks. Furthermore, the Siberian Ginseng is also vaunted as a supplement of enhancing the strength of muscles and physical stamina.

Types of Ginseng

There are three major types of ginseng that are typically known as American, Siberian and Asian ginseng. The most common type which is used for the purpose of making tea for weight loss is Asian ginseng which is also known as “Panax”. It is widely grown in countries like Japan, Korea and China.

Generally the gleaning of this plant takes place when it is close to the age of five or six years old. The process of drying dictates whether the color of ginseng is white or red. It is a well known fact that the red ginseng restrains more advantageous and beneficial rudiments as compare to the white ones.

Several researches have also shown that the ginseng plants that are naturally grown in the wild habitats contain more health reimbursements compared to the ginseng which is cultivated by humans. Although, it is also true that it is not very easy to find the wild ginseng and the price of this plant is also quite steep.

Efficiency of Ginseng Tea

Ginseng is an extremely efficient herbal slimming tea that fights against exhaustion and fatigue and also boosts the energy of its user. Ultimately, it allows the person to be more active. Regulating the level of sugar is also one of the big effects that ginseng tea does in the infuriating battle against the overweight issues. It does this extraordinary thing by simply dipping down the quantity of carbohydrates that are transformed into the fats.

Risks & Safety

The short term use of this herbal supplement in evenhanded amount is normally considered safe. However, the intake of ginseng in any other form might pose some perilous risks. The potential and most common negative effects of ginseng includes disturbance in sleep, gastrointestinal and drastic headaches. It can also become the origin of breast tenderness and menstrual abnormalities in women and several other issues such as high blood pressure in both men and women. The people who are suffering with the diabetes also have to pay a little more attention when utilizing this tea and it is not recommended especially to the children with the grievous medical conditions.


The dosage of ginseng tea weight loss depends on the basis of medical history, wellness, body size and age of the user. The recommended dose of the ‘Siberian Ginseng’ to the healthy persons is about five hundred to three thousand milligrams daily. While on the other hand, the standard and fair dose of the ‘Asian ginseng tea’ is approximately two hundred mg.

It is also very important to mention here that several people might speciously deem this natural supplement as a magic bullet for the weight loss that is an utter misconception and taking the help of ginseng without planning a good nutritional plan will not help in weight loss. So, it is vital to take a well balanced diet along with the ginseng tea.

One more note of caution: you should not take your dieting to the detrimental excess. In today’s world where people are crazy about nicely shaped body, the dangers of anorexia and bulimia are too high. Being healthy and looking thin is definitely wonderful, although the whole thing needs to be done in a moderate way. When consuming ginseng tea weight loss, do not emphasize on the physical appearance of your body. All you have to do is to concentrate on your good health and all other things including overweight issues will automatically fall into their right place.