Throughout our days we all have the moments where we feel we cannot handle any more and as though our stress level may be through the roof. Some may begin to experience extreme anxiety, or even a panic attack if the stress is too much. Many people who enjoy drinking highly caffeinated beverages could experience this feeling more often than others. If you are someone that needs help staying calm and finding your zen and center during the day, then this is the perfect article for you! In this article we will be discussing calming tea and how they help you stay balanced when you need it the most. Calming tea, The Green Zen Many times, people will look to green tea to try to calm their nerves, or stomach. Green tea is an excellent calming tea option for someone who is looking to do both. If you are about to go into a big business presentation, might I suggest enjoying a cup of green tea about an hour before your presentation. The benefits as discussed in previous posts of green tea help to bring a calm to your nerves and coat your stomach so it stops the nervous acids from making it worse. When you combine green tea with a floral such as Jasmine Green Tea, you will find that your nerves tend to calm faster, and you feel refreshed sooner. Green teas are excellent if you’re not really looking for something with a lot of flavor, but just a hint to help those nerves. Min-Tea One of my favorite things to enjoy if I am extremely nervous is a combination of a mint type of calming tea such as peppermint or spearmint mixed with some lemon and honey. The mint tea has not only a calming and relaxing smell that makes you want to slowly sip it more than any other tea, but it also has the herbal remedies you need to calm the nerves. Mint is proven to help you think clearer, smarter, and without so much stress going through your system. Not only does it help your nerves, but you are also keeping your breathe fresh and ready to go for anyone you may have an important meeting with. Chamomile Tea One of my absolutely favorite calming tea is an herbal and flower based tea, chamomile tea. I really enjoy this one for many reasons. Not only does it help to keep my nerves down if I am having a rough and stressful day, but it helps when under the weather to coat the throat and stomach so talking can continue. On one of the most stressful days, having a chamomile tea with some honey will help you to de-stress and find your zen as well. The chamomile tends to work a little faster than others because of the healing properties that it possesses so this is a big go to tea for me. Whichever method you choose (whether it is a method in this article or another), remember to always take deep breaths and relax.